Are You a Top 10 Gamer?

Are you a Gamer? Do you consider yourself one of the hardcore types who can grind out a game as soon as it’s released, hours sunk into a pixelated challenge, adventure and story so you can claim a world first achievement? Maybe you just want to sit at the top of a leaderboard. Personally, I think it’s admirable that there are gamers out there who do this every single day. People who devote their lives to gaming and games themselves. Unfortunately, I’m the kind of guy who is going to look up the Real Racing 3 codes to skip a level.

Yeah, I’m that kind of guy. I admit it. It’s almost shameful to write those words but I love cheat codes. Continue reading

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I Bought Twitch Viewers for My Channel

I am really glad that I was born in the generation that I was. I cannot imagine wanting to do anything else with my free time than what I do. I am a major gamer, and just recently it was something that I mostly did on my own. I would go online and look at some of my gaming friends on Twitch, but I didn’t think of starting my own channel until about six months ago. A friend told me that I am better than most, and I should just buy Twitch views and followers to get my own channel started.

I thought he was joking at first, but others started suggesting the same thing. They told me that they learn more from watching me when they come over, plus they have seen some of the gaming videos I post online. They also told me that I am quite funny, and that I have a special way of explaining certain moves to make it more enjoyable for others to follow along. I admit that I do have a bit of a class clown mentality, but I also take my gaming seriously. Continue reading

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The Program to Make It Compatible

I have had a personal computer for at least the last twenty years. I have had a computer for as long as I can remember. I still have an old desk top that I may have to use once in a while and I have a laptop that I use every single day. I had my father get me a Mac for the company that I work for under him and I was not comfortable using it. There were a lot of people that were going to take the time to teach me that was a place where I could go and actually have the different programs compatible with one another. Continue reading

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Tending Bar Down on Hilton Head

Getting sort of used to it down here on Hilton Head, but it is a really strange place to be honest. There are lots and lots of rich people with vacation homes and all sorts of people who come here dreaming of playing golf. Then you turn around and you see poor people out in parts of the place. That is really what you see when you meet some of the people who make this paradise stuff work for the wealthy people and the vacationers. I found a decent place and some cheap internet for hilton head, but there are a lot of people here who are basically living in third world conditions. It did make me feel a lot better about what I was earning and how I was living. Continue reading

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Doing a Fun Job and Playing My Favorite Game

I really love playing Tactical Assassin 3 when I am bored at work. I work in a law office, and even though I like my job, at times it can get boring. I went to school to be a legal secretary and I was really lucky, because right out of school, I was able to get a great job. I work with two lawyers and they are both very nice and laid back. Everyday I get to work, they had a lot of work for me to do on my desk. I get started with my work right away, and since I am good at my job it does not take me long. I am usually able to finish all the work that they give me for that day, but sometimes I have to stay late to try to finish everything.

My bosses are really efficient, but at the same time they like to have a good time, so they are always gone on Fridays. Fridays are my favorite days, because they are the day that anything goes. Since there are no bosses on Friday there are really no rules. We are all mature adults, so we don’t do anything that is too bad. We usually just stand around and talk to each other, and sometimes we will go to take long lunches. My all time favorite things to do at my job is to play video games during breaks. I like to play the game with some of my coworkers and I also like to play by myself.

We try to be as professional as possible if someone comes by to see us, but as far as our free time goes, we kinda do what we want, and the best thing about it is that our bosses are really cool. They know that we fool around on Fridays, but they tells us that as long as we get all of our work done, they don’t care what we do. I really like my job, because not only do I get to do a job that I like, but I get to play my favorite game too.

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Fun Free Game to Help Pass Time at Work

I am looking for a free bubble shooter game to play. I’ve seen a couple of such games before, and I don’t think I have ever really played one before, but I am happy to give them a try.

I only have an hour and a half before I can go home, which isn’t all that long, considering how long I have been her on my shift. All the same, it still seems like an eternity to me. I guess that it seems to me that time is passing even slower than normal is because it is also a Friday, and I have tomorrow off. I think that time always seems to go buy slower on Fridays.

Anyway, I just found a free bubble shooter like I was looking for. I am glad, and I guess I am going to give it a try here in a second, once I finish filing this claim that I was working on. I don’t have too much work left to do today, and the boss is not in the office, so I should be able to spare a good bit of time in order to play this game with relative impunity. I am starting to get the hang of this game, I definitely think that it will be able to keep me occupied until it is time to punch out of work, and take the long drive back to my place of residence.

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Playing a Lot of Web Based Games

I just spent an hour and a half playing bubble breaker 2. It is not as bad as it sounds. I was really bored and my PC is not going to play much that requires intensive graphics right now. I have to get a new video card before I am going to be able to play the games that I like most. I could probably borrow something cheap to tide me over, but I do not see the point in it. I have to pay my car insurance next week and the week after that my rent is due. So for now I am unable to afford a real video card. The one that went bad on me cost me 175$ just over a year ago. Continue reading

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Plazma Burst a Multimedia Action Game

If you are someone that loves online games, you will definitely love to play plazma burst 2. This is an action packed online game that can be played intreractively with others, and it gives the player the experience of a real Marine. The object of the game is that the Marine travels back in time, and the player is given various challenges that will ensure the safety of the world. The player shoots at various targets and moves up levels after each accomplishment.

Plazma Burst 2 is the follow up game to Plazma Burst, and this go around the Marine is given more power in order to survive each level. Continue reading

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Playing Video Games over the Internet is Great

Effing Worms 2 is super fun game to play over the internet. Nowadays a person can really get connected with anything over the internet, and one of the most awesome things to do over the internet is to play fun interactive video games.

Video games can be great to play, especially when a person is in the peace and tranquility of their own homes. They are a relaxing past time, and they are just something to do when you really do not want to think too much. Continue reading

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Still Getting Used to My New Phone

I spent the day playing around with my new phone and got almost nothing else done. Of course it was a really light day for me and the truth is that I have not had a whole lot to do of late. About half the time I am playing games on my PC at work or on my phone. I have been messing around with a real racing 3 hack, because I have been trying to get it to work on the computer at work and get past the IT guy. He is supposed to make sure that you spend your time working or at least you are not using the company’s band width to screw off.

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Started to Work on My New Office

... let us tell you how our programs will enhance your Internet BusinessI have to figure out how to run the frontier dsl internet from my house to the building I have just about finished, but that is about all I need to do. I could obviously just put up a wireless router and run the signal like that, but to be honest I am really paranoid about that sort of stuff and I always worry that my network is not that secure. I am really paranoid about the kid next door for one thing. He seems like a nice kid, but I know for a fact that he understands all of this internet stuff about a hundred times better than I do. In fact he is a genius with computers and he has already gotten into trouble for hacking into the computers at the high school. In truth he likely intended to get caught and probably would never have been caught if he had not wanted the attention.

At any rate I really love this idea. I had these guys build me a little cottage that looks like a log cabin from the outside. It sits about a hundred feet from my back door. I bought about a quarter of an acre from a guy who lives around the block behind my house. He needed the money and he owned close to an extra acre of land behind his house. Of course he did not care so much for what I wanted to do with the land, but in truth it is really not that big of a deal to him. It is not like a house and in truth I am only using my office on days when I do not have to go into the office down town. It is going to be a lot better than what I use now.

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Finding Support for Apple Logic Express and Logic Pro

How to Open Logic Piano Roll - Logic Pro HQ | Tutorials for Logic ProOne of the most popular and most effective pieces of music production software is Apple Logic Express and that software’s older brother, Logic Pro. This versatile software allows one to write, edit, record, and mix music that has been originally composed by the user. While this software is really a great product for those that are looking to take their music creation to the next level, it can be somewhat daunting for the inital user who has no experience with the product. Thankfully, however, there are a number of resources on the internet that makes this product simple and easy to use.

The most obvious place to begin to learn about how to really use Logic Express and Logic Pro would be the extensive documentation that is offered by Apple on their support website for the product at This website gives a variety of options for help learning how to use the product. The most helpful sections would be the online user manual for the product, along with the troubleshooting section that addresses a number of common problems that users encounter while using the product. For those just getting started with the product, there is also a secion detailing how to do the basic actions in the application. This is without having to trudge through a user manual to learn a basic action, making it useful for a quick reference. On top of the volumes of documentation hosted online by Apple, there is also a vibrant community on the Apple discussion boards that would be sure to help any user that would be encountering problems with Logic Express or Logic Pro.

So thanks to the great support offered by Apple and the helpful users of their discussion boards, the powerful music creation tool of Logic Express and Logic Pro are easy to use even for a beginning user.

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Finding Good Resources for Apple Logic Pro

My son recently received a new Apple computer and is having the time of his life figuring out what this powerful machine can do. He has always been interested in computers, but we have only had a “family computer” until my wife and I got him the new system for his birthday. He could not have been more excited when he saw that big box. I asked him what his plans were for the computer. (Actually, I jokingly asked him, “So, you going to take over the world with that thing?”) He replied confidently: “I’m going to make music.”

At dinner, he could not stop talking about Apple Logic Pro and Logic Express, but he said that it required a paid download to get the software. From what I understand, the software is an audio workstation, allowing users to use samples, loops and electronic instrumentation to create tracks. This sounded like an exciting venture for him, as he has always had some type of musical instrument.

So, we offered up the extra cost for the software to see what he could do with it. Continue reading

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