Still Getting Used to My New Phone

I spent the day playing around with my new phone and got almost nothing else done. Of course it was a really light day for me and the truth is that I have not had a whole lot to do of late. About half the time I am playing games on my PC at work or on my phone. I have been messing around with a real racing 3 hack, because I have been trying to get it to work on the computer at work and get past the IT guy. He is supposed to make sure that you spend your time working or at least you are not using the company’s band width to screw off.

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Started to Work on My New Office

... let us tell you how our programs will enhance your Internet BusinessI have to figure out how to run the frontier dsl internet from my house to the building I have just about finished, but that is about all I need to do. I could obviously just put up a wireless router and run the signal like that, but to be honest I am really paranoid about that sort of stuff and I always worry that my network is not that secure. I am really paranoid about the kid next door for one thing. He seems like a nice kid, but I know for a fact that he understands all of this internet stuff about a hundred times better than I do. In fact he is a genius with computers and he has already gotten into trouble for hacking into the computers at the high school. In truth he likely intended to get caught and probably would never have been caught if he had not wanted the attention.

At any rate I really love this idea. I had these guys build me a little cottage that looks like a log cabin from the outside. It sits about a hundred feet from my back door. I bought about a quarter of an acre from a guy who lives around the block behind my house. He needed the money and he owned close to an extra acre of land behind his house. Of course he did not care so much for what I wanted to do with the land, but in truth it is really not that big of a deal to him. It is not like a house and in truth I am only using my office on days when I do not have to go into the office down town. It is going to be a lot better than what I use now.

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Finding Support for Apple Logic Express and Logic Pro

How to Open Logic Piano Roll - Logic Pro HQ | Tutorials for Logic ProOne of the most popular and most effective pieces of music production software is Apple Logic Express and that software’s older brother, Logic Pro. This versatile software allows one to write, edit, record, and mix music that has been originally composed by the user. While this software is really a great product for those that are looking to take their music creation to the next level, it can be somewhat daunting for the inital user who has no experience with the product. Thankfully, however, there are a number of resources on the internet that makes this product simple and easy to use.

The most obvious place to begin to learn about how to really use Logic Express and Logic Pro would be the extensive documentation that is offered by Apple on their support website for the product at This website gives a variety of options for help learning how to use the product. The most helpful sections would be the online user manual for the product, along with the troubleshooting section that addresses a number of common problems that users encounter while using the product. For those just getting started with the product, there is also a secion detailing how to do the basic actions in the application. This is without having to trudge through a user manual to learn a basic action, making it useful for a quick reference. On top of the volumes of documentation hosted online by Apple, there is also a vibrant community on the Apple discussion boards that would be sure to help any user that would be encountering problems with Logic Express or Logic Pro.

So thanks to the great support offered by Apple and the helpful users of their discussion boards, the powerful music creation tool of Logic Express and Logic Pro are easy to use even for a beginning user.

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Finding Good Resources for Apple Logic Pro

My son recently received a new Apple computer and is having the time of his life figuring out what this powerful machine can do. He has always been interested in computers, but we have only had a “family computer” until my wife and I got him the new system for his birthday. He could not have been more excited when he saw that big box. I asked him what his plans were for the computer. (Actually, I jokingly asked him, “So, you going to take over the world with that thing?”) He replied confidently: “I’m going to make music.”

At dinner, he could not stop talking about Apple Logic Pro and Logic Express, but he said that it required a paid download to get the software. From what I understand, the software is an audio workstation, allowing users to use samples, loops and electronic instrumentation to create tracks. This sounded like an exciting venture for him, as he has always had some type of musical instrument.

So, we offered up the extra cost for the software to see what he could do with it. Continue reading

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